5 best cork yoga mats to avoid slips and skids


Are you tired of slipping every time you perform yoga? These cork yoga mats will help you get a grip. Here are the best cork yoga mats you must try.

Yoga is known for its therapeutic and healing benefits around the world. However, practising yoga on an unsuitable surface can lead to problems with your posture and excessive muscle stress. It will also increase your risk of getting sprains, fractures, or injuries. In fact, health coaches, wellness specialists, and medical professionals suggest using the best cork yoga mats while doing yoga. If you’ve been looking for the perfect yoga mat, here are some best cork yoga mats for you that you must try.

What is a cork yoga mat?

Cork yoga mats are superior to regular mats because they have strong odour-eliminating and anti-slip properties, making them less prone to microbial invasion and a good option for long-term use. In addition, they are environmentally friendly which is a great option for you if you are looking to avoid synthetic rugs. These are sustainable, naturally created, and eco-friendly products that can be a good addition to your fitness routine.

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Best 5 cork yoga mats loved by yogis worldwide

If you’ve been looking for a yoga mat that is durable and eco-friendly, we’ve got you covered. Check out these best cork yoga mats available in the market.

1. Wiselife Suede and Natural Cork Yoga Mat

This cork yoga mat is lightweight, durable, and sweat-resistant. It is composed of natural rubber, suede on the top, and natural rubber on the bottom for extra grip. It comes with a free yoga mat strap which makes it easy to carry. This yoga mat is ideal for anyone and everyone as it is 72 inches long and 27 inches wide. The brand also claims to help you with maintaining the right posture, alignment of the body and reduce injury risk.

2. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

This cork yoga mat is made specifically for hot yoga sessions as the cork’s grip becomes stronger with moisture and heat. It is lightweight and does not contain any hazardous chemicals that would be harmful to you. Its base is constructed of TPE rubber, making it resistant to slipping, skidding, and unbalance. The material used here can absorb any funky smell or odour, making it an ideal choice for all fitness enthusiasts.

3. Hautest Health Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga

This cork yoga mat is slip-resistant, helps with traction, and is composed of 100 percent renewable biodegradable material. Further, it has 4.5mm of thick natural rubber padding that conforms the yoga mat to the ground and reduces the possibility of misalignment. It will stay resistant to folds, splits, and deformation even with frequent and heavy use.

4. XLEagle Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat for Yoga Enthusiasts

This cork yoga mat provides a significant quantity of shock-absorbing cushion to prevent twists and falls. It is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor training because of its lightweight design and sturdy strap. Its sweat-combating surface reduces the possibility of slipping, and its strong anti-odour features let you concentrate more on your breath during yoga sessions without having to worry about offensive odours.

5. KEEMARU Premium Cork Yoga Mat

This cork yoga mat is made of strong anti-tear and anti-curling materials that provide steady support throughout the practise. This extra-long, thick yoga mat is suitable for use in all conditions due to its strong resistance to sweat, water, and humidity. Because of its quick-drying technology and stain resistant property, it is ideal for everyday use.

How to choose the best cork yoga mat?

Consider the following factors before purchasing the best cork yoga mat:
The best cork yoga mat should preferably be free of artificial chemicals, scents, and odours, as these can cause skin infections and allergies. To be skin and environmentally friendly, it should only be constructed from 100 percent organic materials, such as cork and organic rubber, which decompose naturally.
It should ideally be resistant to tearing, curling, and sweating and have a significant quantity of padding. It should be constructed with robust sweat- and water-resistant materials to keep the wearer from stumbling and falling.


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