6 best fitness journals to track wellness goals


The best way to track your health is to write down your goals. So, try the best fitness journals and keep a check on your overall health.

Do you strive hard to reach your fitness goals on a weekly or monthly basis? Journaling what you have achieved and what you want to achieve can motivate towards your exercise regime each day. One of the most effective ways to stick to your routine and keep a track of your progress is to maintain a fitness journal, which helps you write down your fitness goals, workout experience and evaluate your progress. Journaling is also known to have mental health benefits and can help you remain focused. So, how about investing in some of the best fitness journals?

6 best fitness journals to track health

Keeping the best fitness journals in India on your study table or bedside can help you start your journey towards becoming a healthier and fitter you!

1. Simplified Fitness Journal

If you are looking for a fitness journal for women, try this one from Heveboik. This journal helps you reach your fitness goals faster. Its easy and compact design provides you ample space for personal records such as my exercises, my goals, routine workouts, exercise tracking pages and notes pages. It helps you manage your workout log efficiently and achieve your goals effectively. This fitness journal comes with 120 pages that helps you record your weight loss, body fat and more.

2. Shen Zation Fitness & Diet Planner

The Shen Zation Fitness & Diet Planner helps you strategically plan your fitness goals. The journal comes with goal setting pages, integrated calendars, that allows you to set monthly fitness goals, workout schedules, dietary plans and track your progress. It also features habit tracking pages that enable you to monitor changes in your lifestyles. The dedicated workout pages help you track your gym session and experience. Additionally, it also has a nutrition tracking and monthly review section, which helps track your calories, protein intake and review your progress.

3. NewMe Fitness and Nutrition Journal

If you are looking for workout journals to track fitness and nutrition, this one from NewMe Fitness might be the perfect choice for you! The brand claims that this journal is created by nutrition professionals and military fitness experts. It includes guidelines that give insights about what exercises target what muscle groups, how to measure your body fat and how to record minimum lifts. This journal helps you track your nutrition and workout progress for over 2 months with 66 large dual pages that gives you enough space to record your exercises, weight, body fat, goals and more. Additionally, you can also log your calories that can help you manage your weight, improve your eating habits and overall health.

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4. Ceiba Tree Food and Fitness Journal

This journal for fitness and nutrition tracking from Ceiba Tree comes with 65 sheets and 130 pages. It features a guideline page that gives information about calories and macros for common foods. Additionally, the track you progress page helps to monitor the changes in your weight, body fat and waist size over the weeks. This fitness planner also has a dedicated calendar page that helps you set your monthly goals. It also helps you keep a track of your diet and workout routine.

5. Clever Fox Fitness & Workout Journal

The Clever Fox Fitness & Workout Journal helps you track your fitness progress. It comes with workout pages which feature pre-printed sections to add up to 12 exercises, 6 sets each, track cardio, workout length and calories burned. It helps you create an action plan for the next 6 months and track your progress with the help of a customisable progress tracker. This workout planner features 126 workout pages and a product table to log your nutritional values. This durable and smudge-resistant paper journal helps you track your cardio, calories burned and achieve your fitness goals.

6. The SaltWrap Daily Fitness Planner

The SaltWrap Daily Fitness Planner comes with a minimalist page design, simple visual snapshots and rugged durability. This planner is easy to use, daily planning log, nutrition log, weekly fitness planner, weekly-check in and goals tracking templates. This spiral-bound workout journal gives you sufficient space to set your goals and track your progress.

Benefits of fitness journals or workout planners

Besides tracking your fitness journey, the best workout journals help you stay organised, stress-free and take accountability of your actions. A better understanding of the fitness journals will help you maximise its benefits:

  • It helps you set realistic and achievable goals. This written commitment acts as a constant reminder and helps you stay motivated.
  • Regularly tracking your progress contributes to improved self-confidence and makes you more committed to fitness.
  • It also helps you identify the patterns in your workout routines. Documenting factors like energy levels, mood, sleep quality and diet can make you self-aware about your body and mind.
  • The process of jotting down fitness goals creates a sense of accountability.
  • This planning tool makes your more organised and help you achieve your set goals in an effective and efficient way.
  • Journaling provides an outlet for self-expression, which leads to improved mental well-being.

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